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June 2022:

Our crowdfunding effort has come to a close. Thank you, donors! -Team PPUSA

PPUSA, partnered with RRH Elections, crowdfunded a poll of the 2022 TX-34 special general election.

Poll Results:
(R) Mayra Flores 43% (+9)
(D) Dan Sanchez 34%
(D) Rene Coronado 7%
(R) Juana Cantu-Cabrera 3%
Undecided 13%

View the toplines document here.


Actual Results:
(R) Mayra Flores 51% (+8)
(D) Dan Sanchez 43%
(D) Rene Coronado 4%
(R) Juana Cantu-Cabrera 2%

View the certified results here.