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Generic Ballot

In this section, you’ll find polling related to the Generic Ballot.

The terms Generic Ballot and Generic Congressional Ballot are often interchangeable, but some pollsters will make a distinction between a Generic Congressional Ballot (House races), and a Generic Senate Ballot (Senate races). Both fall under the blanket term “Generic Ballot”.

What is Generic Ballot Polling?

Generic Congressional Ballot (GCB) polls measure which party voters prefer leading the country at large. In some cases, they’re also used to test how an average Democrat and/or average Republican would fare in a specific district or state.

This polling question doesn’t name any specific candidate (hence the name, generic ballot), it merely asks which party a respondent would rather have represent them. Since the GCB is used most commonly on a national-scale, the larger a lead one party has for this specific question, the better, as it could indicate a wave election. This is when one party’s candidates sweep a host of competitive (and potentially a smaller amount of seemingly non-competitive) elections nationwide.