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Poll Project USA started as nothing more than an idea, and now is a fast-growing political polling and election aggregation service, operating daily on Twitter, and now additionally through this website. PPUSA a nonpartisan, fact-focused statistics hub with no stake in any political party – our mission is to inform.

Formed shortly before the 2020 general election, it took a few months to get operations running smoothly. In late February 2021, we started providing regular polling updates with a focus on clarity, readability, transparency, and simplicity. Political polling is a field that a lot of people know *of*, but less so *about*.

The objective is to make it easy to identify exactly what numbers you’re looking at, and give you better insight into the wild world of US politics. As of Jan 1, 2022, our tweets have garnered over 20 million impressions, and we can’t wait to share more of our work with you going forward. Be on the look out for our Election Alerts notifying you of special elections, as well as more new plans coming soon.

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Where We’ve Been Cited:

NBC News
Washington Examiner
Florida Politics
The Daily Caller
WLBT-3 News
WLOX-13 News
Blue Delaware
El American
The Western Journal
The Texas Observer

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