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2024 President

In this section, you’ll find polling for both Primary and General Election races for the 2024 Presidential General Election.

Toggle between polls for the Democratic and Republican Primaries, as well as General Election polling by using the drop-down menu above.

What is Presidential Polling?

Presidential polling can be broken down into 2 groups: National and Statewide.

National Polling is a measure of the national popular vote, and attempts to gauge how the United States would vote as a whole when all votes across the entire country are counted. When you see polling of a presidential race in general terms, this is usually what’s being referenced.

Statewide Polling is a specific type of polling that attempts to gauge a single state’s preference for president. Battleground polling, the most common type of statewide polling near Election Day, captures voting intentions for states that are the most likely to swing a race towards victory for a candidate, and often cast close to even amounts of votes for both major parties.